ALL SPORTS - Banner Title & Season

ALL SPORTS - Banner Title & Season

When you are logged into your account, at the top left of your screen you will see the QwikCut logo. To the right of the QwikCut logo, you will see the banner title (school/team name) & season (year). 
Only the banner title has downward arrow that allows you to click and a drop down list appears, allowing you to toggle between accounts/roles.
  1. While your school/team may have used QwikCut for multiple seasons but you are a newer coach, you will only have access to the seasons in which your name and email appears on the roster. For access to any other seasons, someone with admin access will need to add you.

Banner Title
What appears in the top left corner will always be the team/season that you are currently viewing. To change between roles and accounts/organizations that you are affiliated with, click the downward arrow and you will see your options. You can toggle back and fourth between account as much as you'd like, just be sure that you are working in the correct account, especially when it comes to uploading film! 
  1. To switch to a different account, simply click on it and your banner will change and everything within that account will be viewable to you now:

When you are logged in to your account and click the drop down menu for banner title, it will automatically change the season for you, to the right. There is no drop down menu available for seasons, this is simply to show you what season you are in.

If you are trying to access the platform for a season that your team has not yet paid for or did not have access to in the past, you will likely see this message:
While the platform allows you to enter in a credit or debit card, you CANNOT make any payments through the platform. That feature is disabled as ALL payments go through invoices sent directly to you, the AD, bookkeeper, etc. and can be paid with a credit/debit card or mail a check.

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