ALL SPORTS - How to upload a game from a thumb drive (USB) or folder from computer

ALL SPORTS - How to upload a game from a thumb drive (USB) or folder from computer

Watch the Video Tutorial below to see how it works:

1.) Open the folder on your computer where your clips are saved 

2.) Open a web browser page (we recommend using Google Chrome) and log in to your QwikCut account. 
From the My Video page, click the green Upload button.

3.) Click Create Game.

4.) Enter game information of Type, Date and Time, click submit.
If you are uploading a game, you will enter Opponent and check if it is a home game

5.) Your game will be created and appear to the left of the screen; select the angle you want to upload for and click it (Wide, Endzone or Tight)
If you are unsure or there is only one angle that was filmed, ALWAYS select wide.

6.) The video uploader will now show in the right hand side of your screen. 

7.) You can upload in one of two ways:
  1. you can go back to the folder that you opened previously where your film is saved and select all of the icons in your folder and drag them over to the uploader
  2. you can click in the box that says 'Click, or drop files here' and locate your folder, select all of the icons and click open.
There is a size limit of 8GB for a single file and your upload should ALWAYS start at clip number 1.
Do not ever organize your clips in the folder by file size; this will most likely cause them to upload out of order. Do not order by name.

8.) Ensure all of your clips are in the uploader; you can confirm this by going back to the folder where your clips are located and will tell you how many items are there.
'Should Compress' will always automatically be checked; if for any reason you want your game muted, check 'Remove Audio'.

9.) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the green Start Upload button. 

You will get a confirm Game Upload box that confirms the Game, Angle, Team Level, Date/Time, Starting Clip # and Compress? 
Once everything is confirmed, click the green Start Upload button.

There is a status bar that will move left to right to indicate the loading process, at both the top and bottom of your screen.

It could take a few minutes to load depending on the size of the file and your upload speed - If your upload is taking an exponentially long time, please visit this link BEFORE contacting The QwikCut Support Team: 

Once your video is complete, you will see a check mark next to the top status bar stating Game Upload Successful.
You will not receive an email notification that your upload is complete nor will it direct you back to the video player.

To view your video, click on My Video page; locate the game, click on game video, and your game should immediately start playing.

If you noticed that you entered the wrong date/time, the wrong opponent/typo - you can edit it from here by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the game. Click submit once your changed are made.
You can also enter the score and add event info by editing the game.