ALL SPORTS - What iPhone can I film with? 2.0

ALL SPORTS - What iPhone can I film with? 2.0

If you do not currently utilize QwikCut to film your games (especially if you are located in other states/countries), we recommend using an iPhone X (iPhone 10) or newer as this will give the best quality when filming with a cellphone because:
  1. It almost always has a data plan
  2. The camera and auto focus are superior to the iPad
  3. They are almost always available
If you are not sure what iPhone model you have, you can easily check by going to your Settings:
1.) Click on you Apple ID information/your name (will be the very first thing listed):

2.) Locate where you see your name listed with iPhone; Caitlin's iPhone:
  1. You will see listed below your name is the iPhone model

3.) To be sure, you can proceed and click on the name/iPhone and it will be listed in 2 places:

At this time, we do recommend filming with an iPhone instead of an iPad as it unfortunately always zooms outdoors. The more you zoom on an iPad, the more pixilated it becomes and will not yield the best quality. 

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