Camera Operator - Support Ticket

Camera Operator - Support Ticket

If you are experiencing an issue, we request that you submit a Support Ticket as we have many members on our Support Team that assist the Video Operations Team. While you may be texting one person to advise of an update or issue, that person may not be working at the time or is pre-occupied with other tasks and cannot respond immediately. The benefit of submitting a Support Ticket is that everyone within our company has access to view submissions and allows us to work as a team and be on the same page. The following things are examples of what you can submit a Support Ticket for:
  1. You are running late to your game, stuck in traffic, etc.
  2. You are unable to make your game (after accepting it)
    1. If a game(s) have been assigned to you and you are unable to film, simply decline the assignment within the mobile app
  3. You arrived at the field and no one is there
  4. There is a weather delay
  5. Cancelations of ANY kind
    1. This must be a coach, AD, or someone from the team informing you
    2. When submitting a Support Ticket, please include the level for youth games
  6. You are experiencing uploading issue(s)
  7. You have ANY equipment issues or you broke something
    1. Please be as specific and detailed as possible with what the issue is
    2. We understand that over time there is wear and tear on equipment but we need to be made aware of it as soon as it happens so we can purchase a replacement if need be
  8. You lost equipment
  9. You are having an issue with filming within the mobile app
  10. You are not being allowed into the game
  11. You are not being allowed into the pressbox to film
You MUST include a valid email and phone number that you have access to as that is how our support staff corresponds with you.

Please see the images below as examples of what submitting a Support Ticket looks like:

Once your Support Ticket is submitted, this is what our Support Team sees:
  1. The Support Team will respond with "Thank you for reaching out to Support - information received." If there is further information/clarification needed, they may reply back to the Support Ticket, which will be sent to your email creating a thread or they may call you if it is urgent or time sensitive.

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