Can I import player and/or coach rosters into QwikCut?

Can I import player and/or coach rosters into QwikCut?


Download Coaching Staff and Roster from Hudl, other systems, or create your own. 

From Hudl: You will have 2 separate downloads :
  1. Athlete Excel file
  2. Coaches Excel file
If you need to create your own spreadsheet - players and coaches excel files should be formatted as shown below.

If these items are not in this order, it is likely to cause an issue when you are importing in to QwikCut.

Click the "My Team" button at the top center of your screen. 

Click the green button below 'Add Players and Coaches'. From the drop down menu, click Import 'Coaches from Excel File' and you will repeat this process for 'Import Athletes from Excel File'. 

Then you will click 'Choose a File', select the file that you want to upload, click Import and it will be added to the corresponding tag of Coaches or Team Roster.

See the Video Tutorial below to see how it works.

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