Can I upload from YouTube?

Can I upload from YouTube?

Yes - but this does require downloading additional software on your computer such as 4K Video Downloader (or whatever program you chose) to be able to download the YouTube video to upload to QwikCut.
Beware: the video can become highly pixilated and/or distorted in the download and upload process; use this method as a backup and not primary method.

  1. Once the software is downloaded, go to the YouTube video in a Google Chrome Web Browser and copy the link address:

  1. Open the 4K Video Downloader:

  1. Click Paste Link:

  1. Select your format (mp4), quality and where you want the download to be saved to; if you have a difficult time locating downloads, select your desktop:

  1. Your video will begin downloading and you can monitor in the downloader status window:

  1. Once the video is done downloading, the status of the download will disappear and will look like this:

  1. Locate where you saved the file to (I chose desktop), double click to open:

  1. Ensure the video plays then exit:

  1. Go to your My Video page in the QwikCut Platform and click the green Upload button:

  1. Click on the green Create Game button:

  1. Select type of game:

  1. Enter Opponent, Date and Time, check box if home game, and click submit:

  1. Locate your newly created game in the left column and select your upload angle:

  1. The uploader will now appear to the right, click inside the 'Click, or Drop Files Here!':

  1. Select where you saved the video (desktop) and locate, click video once to become highlighted and click open:

  1. You will now see the video in the uploader; this is a step a lot of people get stuck on when it comes to uploading:

  1. You will receive a pop up box asking you to confirm in the information. Once you have done so, click start upload:

  1. You will see your video begin to upload with a status bar at the top and bottom of the page:

  1. Once your video is finished uploading, you will see Game Upload Successful with a check mark to the right of a solid grey status bar, and done at the bottom:

  1. Go back to your My Video page and locate the newly uploaded game and click it:

  1. Click on the angle you want to view (in this case only one) and your video will start playing to the left in the video player:

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