FOOTBALL - Creating highlights with the QwikCut App on a mobile device.

FOOTBALL - Creating highlights with the QwikCut App on a mobile device.

  1. Open up the QwikCut Mobile App. Once You’ve opened up the app and have logged in, you’ll see three bars on the top left of your screen. Click this and select the fourth option “Highlights”

  1. Once on the highlight page, you’ll see any highlights you have created or are still under construction. To create a new highlight, select the green + symbol at the bottom right of your screen.

  2. Before you start creating a highlight, give the highlight a name, visibility status, and create your title screen. To create a title screen, click on the fourth option “Title Screen” on the Edit Highlight page.

4. Once on the Title Screen page, you’ll be able to select if you’d like a basic title screen with no additional information, no title screen, or switch to a custom title screen. To add your player information for coaches and recruiters, you’ll want to select “Switch to Custom Title Screen.”

5. Fill in the player details that you would like to be displayed at the beginning of your highlight. Once complete, click the back arrow at the top left of your screen to return to the Edit Highlight page. Then, choose the “Video'' option and start selecting clips.

6. Once on the “Video” page, select “Add Clip” at the bottom of the page to start creating your highlight reel. You can choose from favorites, playlists or game footage.

7. Select the “Clip & Media” you want to include in your highlight from the games listed.

8. Select your plays from the clips listed under each game and then “Add to Highlight”

9. Once you’ve added a clip to your highlight, trim your clip by sliding the green and red arrow bars, located under the video play screen. After trimming, you can add effects or slow motion with the tools located under the trim line. We recommend adding the circle widget to highlight your placement on the field or court. This helps viewers know where to look.

10. After creating your highlight, return to the “Edit Highlight” page and select the sixth option “Music” to add audio to your highlight. Once that is done, return to the “Edit Highlight” page and click the second option “Highlight Status.” [Adding music to your playlist is optional and is not required]

11. Select “Publish this Highlight!” once you’ve finished creating your highlight and we’ll notify you once your highlight is live!

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