FOOTBALL - How do I create a playlist?

FOOTBALL - How do I create a playlist?

To create a playlist, you will need to be on the My Video page and follow the steps below.

Watch the Video Tutorial below to see how it works:

1.) Click on the game(s) that you want to select clips (located directly to the right of the video).

2.) Click on the clips that you want to add to playlist by clicking on the circles to the left of the individual clips (located directly below the video); you may select as many as you want, from as many games as you want. 

3.) Click Add Clips to Playlist (located on the right side) you can add clips to either a new playlist or to an existing playlist (if applicable).

4.) If creating a new playlist, you will need to complete the following items.

5.) If you do not add the playlist to a group, only you will see the playlist. To add playlist to a group, select the drop down menu and click on the group that you want to have access to view the playlist. 

6.) You are able to add the playlist to more than one group at a time, but they will already need to be created.

7.) Once you are finished, click submit and your playlist will be generated. 
*If you selected clips from only one game, your playlist will generate and be located under that one game.
**If you select clips from multiple games, your playlist will generate as its own category 'Misc Playlist'.

8.) You can edit the playlist after it has been created to share it with a new or additional specific group by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the playlist. You are also able to share the playlist to recruiting cutup by clicking the scissor icon, you can download the playlist by clicking on the downward arrow icon, or delete the playlist if needed. 

9.) Lastly, if you are looking to create a new group to share a playlist with, this will be done under the My Team page.

10.) To begin creating a new group, select players from the left hand side. The line will become a lighter grey for those selected. You will then begin to see to the selected players will be added to the right to the 'Current Members' list. Once all of the players are selected, you can free text in the box and title the playlist. 
Once you are finished, click Create New Group.

11.) Once your new group is created, it will show under Group Name and you can now add this group to your playlist. 

12.) Now, you will go back to My Video page, go to edit the playlist and you will see 'Spring New Group' is available to be added to playlists. 

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