FOOTBALL - Stat Entry - Basic

FOOTBALL - Stat Entry - Basic

Watch the Video Tutorial below to see how it works:

For basic stat entry, your 12 columns will be listed in this order and with the applicable options:
  1. Quarter: 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. ODK: offense, defense, kicking, scoreboard, penalty/play that was stopped
  3. Possession: your team or opponent
  4. Hash: left, left middle, middle, right middle, right
  5. Down: 1, 2, 3, 4
  6. Distance: 1-100
  7. Start Yardline: 0 through 50, -1 through -49
  8. Motion Direction: left, right
  9. Play Type: Run, Pass, RPO, Screen, Punt, Kickoff, FG, PAT, 2PT
  10. Play Direction: left, middle, right
  11. End Yardline: 0 through 50, -1 through -49
  12. Gain/Loss: 1 through 99, -1 through -99

To filter stat entry by these options, on your My Video page, click Manage Columns:

Choose a Preset (Basic):

If your screen was previously selected on something else, it will now filter to these columns. If you do not see a change, you may have already been selected on these columns. Simply confirm you see the above referenced 12 columns.

To begin to stat your game, you must click the Star Edit button:

You will see a green box now appear around the boarder; this indicates that you are in edit mode and can begin clicking in each column for each clip: 

To enter a stat, click in the column for the clip that you want to enter for and a white box with a drop down menu will appear with options:

You will repeat this action for each clip that you want to enter stats for. As you enter your stats per clip, they will also begin to appear in the top left corner in the video player:

Once you are finished entering stats, click Stop Edit and your changes will be saved and the green box will disappear from the boarder:
  1. You can also click Sync Stats in light blue to the left and this will save your stats and take you out of edit mode.

By clicking the 3 dots at the end to the right of Manage Columns, you have some additional options of:
  1. Import Breakdown from Hudl
  2. Flip Possession/ODK
  3. Flip Play-Type for Sacks
  4. Turn Off Auto-Stats
  5. Export Stats to Excel File
  6. Export Stats for MaxPreps
  7. Switch to 80-yd Field

The other option which is easier to view for stat entry is by clicking the Stat Entry button to the right of games:

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