FOOTBALL - Understanding the Highlight editor

FOOTBALL - Understanding the Highlight editor

Throughout this tutorial, you can click on every image to enlarge to view easier. To exit, click the X at the top right corner of image.
The highlight editor got a big makeover and we want to ensure all QwikCut users are familiar with all of the features, icons, buttons, etc. For this reason, we wanted to create a page for our users to reference to learn about the editor. This will be broken down into 3 sections:
  1. Video Player
  2. Timeline
  3. Library

Video Player:
This is where your videos will play; you still have the same general icons located along the bottom of your video player screen. If you are unfamiliar with the video player icons, please visit My Video Player Icons for further explanation on those. You can use the telestration feature of adding an arrow or circle but there is currently no feature of adding text during highlights. 

This is where all of your clips will show at the bottom where it says timeline in white, with 'no video clip selected.' Once you begin adding to this, your timeline will start to grow with green clips, some may be longer than others depending upon how many seconds is in each clip. There are features along the top that we will discuss:
  1. Add Slow-Mo: by clicking this, you will slow down the clip for 2 to 3 seconds and blue turtles will appear on the scrub bar to show were slow motion takes place in the clip. The 2 to 3 seconds is the set automatic time; you can drag the blue handle at the front or end of the slow-mo to make it longer or shorter for that individual clip.

  1. Clear Slow-Mo: by clicking this, you will erase the slow-mo action for this clip and the blue turtles will disappear from your time status bar. 
  1. Reset: by clicking this, you will erase all actions/edits that you have created on this clip, and all actions will disappear from your time status bar. 
  1. Qwik Capture: by clicking this, a 7 second clip will automatically be captured and show a green scrub bar at the beginning and a red scrub bar at the end. The scrub bar functions the same as the slow-mo feature, you can move the red and green handles at the beginning and end to shorten or lengthen a clip. 

  1. Add to Timeline: by clicking this, you will add the full clip or the selected portion of the clip to your timeline, which will continue growing at the bottom. You can also click on each individual green clip at the bottom and it will tell you the game you obtained it from, the clip number and how long the clip is. If need be, you can also delete the clip from here.  

  1. Play Preview: by clicking this, a preview of your highlight will begin to play. You will see the time status bar mirror the timeline bar at the bottom of your page in regards to place you are viewing in the highlight. You will see any features that you have added to your highlight underneath the time status bar (blue turtles.) To pause the video, click the pause icon in the video player, or you can click the red Stop Preview button (which was the green play preview button). 

  1. Save: this is one of the most important buttons; by clicking this, you will begin to save your work in the form of a draft. You can go back and edit things, add/remove clips, slow-mo, etc. but you must click save in order for your clips to save. 
Clicking save will NOT build your highlight; you MUST click Publish for your highlight to be built and viewable. If you do not click Publish, the highlight will show under construction.
  1. Publish: this is THE most important step of your highlight; once you are finished building you highlight by adding all of the clips to the timeline, you will click the green Publish button and this message will automatically generate on your screen.

You will receive an email notification when your highlight is available to watch!
Once you have allowed the highlight time to build, you can refresh and check back on the main Highlight page and you will see a still image with your highlight. The larger/longer your highlight is, the longer it may take to build. If you did not click publish for your highlight, it will look like the highlight to the right with the under construction image. 

From the highlight page and looking at your highlight, you are able to click on 9 icons:

  1. Play: by clicking this, you will remain on this page and the highlight will play in the small square without opening a new window or loading a new page.
  2. Speaker: by clicking this, you can mute or unmute audio, if there is any for your highlight. 
  3. Full screen: by clicking this, your highlight will show up full screen. To exit, tap the escape key on your keyboard.
  4. 3 Dots:
    1. Download this highlight: by clicking this, an mp4 video will download directly to your compute.
    2. Picture in Picture: by clicking this, a small video will move to the bottom right of your computer screen. To exit, hover your mouse over the video and it will become dark grey, presenting an 'X' in the top right corner.
  5. Edit: by clicking this, you will be brought to the highlight editor, allowing you to continue working on the video, make changes, etc.
  1. Delete: by clicking this, you will be prompted with a message: ' says Deleting highlight is irreversible. Do you really want to delete the Caitlin Maloney?' with with icons of OK or Cancel.

Please note, if you delete your highlight, this is a permanent action and there is no way for us to recover it!
  1. Watch this highlight: by clicking this, you will be brought to a new screen that will load your highlight in a larger video player within the Highlight platform page. From the watch highlight page, you can click the icons in the bottom left corner:

    1. Download this highlight
    2. Email this highlight
    3. Copy a link to this highlight
    4. Share to Facebook
    5. Share to Twitter

  1. Email this highlight: by clicking this, depending on your computer settings, it may launch a 3rd party application such as mail, outlook, gmail, yahoo, etc. and will provide you a link already in the body of your email ready to be sent. 

  2. Copy a link to this highlight: by clicking this, a link will be copied to your clipboard and a green success box will generate in the bottom left corner of your screen that disappears after 5 seconds.

    1. To paste the copied link: right click on your mouse and click paste and you will see your link pasted. 
      1. Windows computers: you can also use the keyboard function of pressing Ctrl + V at the same time and it will paste the link.
      2. Mac computers: you can use the keyboard function of pressing Command + V at the same time and it will past the link.

The right side of the highlight screen is where you can edit your highlight name, where you will add ALL clips from, add music, and images from the media library. The library will be discussed in 4 sections:
  1. Title Slide
  2. Videos
  3. Music
  4. Library

Title Slide:
This is the default section that will show when on the highlight page. Here you can edit your highlight name and also have the option to customize your highlight screen with adding the player info by clicking the '+ Add to Highlight' you can edit the information:


Once you have clicked publish with these changes, you will receive an email notification when your highlight is ready.
Now when you click play, you will see the stats that you entered on the screen as your highlight begins playing for 2 seconds and will vanish:

This is where ALL of your videos from the My Video page will be for:
  1. Games
  2. Scout
  3. Practice
  4. Playlists
You also have the option to 'filter favorites' and can select a player as well as filter by ODK:
  1. By filtering, you will be shown all of the video containing 'Corey Carter' offensive clips. To clear this filter, click back in the drop down menu to 'Show All Clips.'

Here you have the option to add music to your highlight. You can click the play button to listen prior to adding to highlight. Once you find music that you want to add, click the '+ Add to Highlight' button and you will see it added to the timeline in orange. 
  1. In order for the music to save to the clips, you must click on the first clip and it will then register and show what song is selected

After your music is selected, ensure that you click save, as this continues building your highlight as a draft until you are ready to publish!

Here you will find still images that you can add to highlight; you can add at the very beginning, in the middle, end, where ever you want!

To add, find the still image you want, click the '+ Add' and the image will be added to your timeline and will show on the screen for 5 seconds.
You will see an image is added to the timeline the same way a clip is added; while you cannot change the time it shows on the screen, you can change the pan direction from:
  1. Center
  2. Top left
  3. Top right
  4. Bottom left
  5. Bottom right

If you want to add additional images to the media library to add to your highlight, you will need to go to the My Team tab and access the media library

To add new images click on Upload Videos and Images:

Select the date and click submit:

To view and confirm your image was uploaded successfully, locate the date you selected for your image along the left hand side, click it and a thumbnail will appear:

To add this to your highlight, go back to the highlight page, click edit on your highlight, click library, locate the image and click add. 
  1. The image will always automatically be added to the end of the highlight and have a red box around it. To move it, simply click on the arrow to move in either direction:

Once you are finished making changes, click save.
  1. If you are ready to publish, you can click publish at this time and you will receive an email notification once your highlight is ready to view! 

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