How do I add/remove a player to the team?

How do I add/remove a player to the team?

This action will be completed under your My Team tab.
You will immediately be brought to your roster once clicking on the my team tab. The actions are different to add and remove a player.

Add a Player: you can either do a manual entry or import a roster from an excel file.
For purposes of this article, we will be doing a manual entry. If you are looking how to import a roster for your whole team/coaches, please visit Importing Roster for Athletes/Coaches.

Click on the green Add Players and Coaches button, click manual entry.

Click on 'Add Another Athlete', you will then be prompted to type the first name, last name and email address. Once that information is entered, click the green 'Submit All Team Members' button.

2 curved lines to create a circle will begin spinning next to the newly added players name; it will not notify you once the player has been added, you will have to go back to the my team tab to confirm they were added:

To edit your newly added team member to add in his position, jersey number, graduation year, height and weight, click on 'Edit Team Members':

Scroll down to find you newly added member and start adding the information; position you will select from the drop down what they play, jersey number, graduation year, height and weight are all free text boxes. Once you have finished adding information, scroll back up to the top and click 'Done Editing Team': 

You will then see a pop up box of 'Team Update Status: All of your team's information has been saved.' You must click close to exit it.

You can scroll down again and confirm the newly added player and their information is correct:

Remove Player: whether they are no longer on the team or added in error, the remove player is very simple.

Click on Edit Team Members:

Locate the player that you want to remove and click the red trash can/delete button:

You will be presented with a pop up box ' says: Are you sure you want to remove this user?' Click OK

You will now see the player has been removed, click 'Done Editing Team'.

You will then see a pop up box of 'Team Update Status: All of your team's information has been saved.' You must click close to exit it.

If you need to remove multiple players, you will repeat this same process. 
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