How do I create highlights?

How do I create highlights?

If you are unfamiliar with new highlight editor, we recommend reading Understanding the Highlight Editor first, which is located in our knowledge base. Here you will find an in depth explanation of where to find things, what the icons/buttons mean, as well as tips and tricks!
The most important advice we can provide is to click the grey save button after each time you add anything to ensure your work saves. We would hate to see all of your hard work be lost and/or published due to not using the save button. 

1.) To create a highlight, click on the Highlights page and click the '+ Create New Highlight' button.

2.) Name your highlight, click on Videos and start selecting from games, practice, scout and playlists to add clips to your timeline:

3.) Once you have selected a game to begin capturing clips from, begin utilizing Qwik Capture to grab 7 seconds to film. If you need to shorten or lengthen, click on the green and red handles from the scrub bar. Once you are satisfied with the clip, click add to timeline and continue this process until you have all of the clips added to the timeline.
  1. You can add clips from any number of games or a mixture of games, practice, scout, playlists, etc. Simply click back and fourth between games or the other tabs of practice, scout, playlists.

4.) The best practice is to click the grey save button as you add each clip as a precaution to eliminate losing any of your work! Once all of your clips are added, you have a few options before publishing your highlight: add music, add images, and add custom title slide.

  1. Add Music: to add music, you will click on Music under the Media banner. 
To preview the song prior to adding, click the play button, and to stop, click the stop button.

Once you have fund the song that you like, click the '+ Add to Highlight' and the song will appear orange on your timeline.

Once the song is added to the timeline, it will say No Music Clip Selected:

You will need to click anywhere on that orange bar and click the first clip to ensure it links the music to your highlight, it will then show the song. 
  1. If you added the wrong song or decide you want a new song, simply click the trash can/delete button next to the song.

Once you are satisfied with your song choice, click the grey save button.

Add Images:  to add Images, you will click on Library under the Media banner. The image will remain on the screen for 5 seconds and that is a set time that cannot be modified.

To add images, scroll in your library, locate the image that you want, click the '+ Add' to add to your timeline and it will be added as the last clip. 

To differentiate between video and image, please see below:

To move the image, click on the green clip on the timeline and a red box will appear around it. Use the back and fourth toggle to change placement in the highlight. Once you are satisfied with the image placement in your highlight, click save.
  1. You can repeat this process as many times as you'd like by following the same steps.
  2. You may also change the pan direction by clicking the drop down menu.

Custom Title Slide: to add a custom title to be played at the beginning of your highlight, click the '+Add to Highlight' icon.
  1. the title slide will appear at the beginning of your highlight on the screen for 2 seconds and vanish. 

Here you can free text information for the Name, Position, Team, Season, Weight and Height. Once you have entered the information, click the grey save button.

At this point, if you are finished with adding to your highlight, click the green publish button and this auto generate box will appear immediately after:

You will receive an email notification when your highlight in published and ready to view.
Once your highlight is published, you may go back and edit at anytime to add or remove clips/images/music as needed by completing the previous steps and republishing. 

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As always, if you are experiencing difficulty, please reach out to our support team that is available 24-7/365 for Qwik assistance! 
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