How do I move a practice/game from my Misc/Exchanged games folder?

How do I move a practice/game from my Misc/Exchanged games folder?

You will be able to complete this action by being on the My Video page and locate your Misc/Exchanged Games folder. 

Depending upon how many items you have in this folder, you will need to locate the film you want to move and click the move icon (the box with arrow).

A box will pop up with a drop down menu of 'Move To'. Once you have selected when you want to move the game to, click the green Move button.

Once you move to a game within the schedule, you cannot move it back to the Misc/Exchanged Games folder. If by chance you moved it to the wrong game, you are able to complete the same steps and move to the correct game within the season.
If this was your only item in the Misc/Exchanged Games folder, that folder will disappear until something else is exchanged or you upload film to this folder.

To ensure your game was moved to the correct game, locate where you moved it to. 

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