Camera Operator - How to accept an assignment

Camera Operator - How to accept an assignment

When a game is assigned to you, you will receive a notification via the mobile app that a game has been assigned to you. You will also receive a notification via email to the email address that you use to log in on the mobile app.
You will need to accept or deny the assignment within 24 hours of being assigned to you.

1.) Your assignments will appear with a red box under Upcoming Games. You will need to Accept or Decline:
  1. If you decline, it will notify our video department immediately and no further action is needed on your end.

2.) By clicking submit, you are agreeing to ALL games listed and arriving at the correct time (45 minutes prior for all games):

3.) Once the game is accepted, the red box turns to orange:

4.) To obtain the game location and field position you will be filming, click on 'More Info':
  1. Please always ensure that you are checking the address prior to leaving your home to go film as games do not always take place at one of the schools OR there was a last minute location change. 

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