How to create a game, scout game or practice

How to create a game, scout game or practice

This will be used to create a game for your own schedule.

1. From the My Video page, under games, click on the green Create Game button.

2.) Select the type of game (Game, Scout, Practice).

3.) Enter the opponent (free text if you have not played this team before), check box if home game, type event information if applicable (i.e. State Finals, Regionals, etc.), date and time, click submit. 

Scout Games and Practices will be located in your Misc/Exchanged Games folder. You can move a Scout Game and/or Practice under a season game by using the Move Game icon to the right of the game, selecting the preferred season game and clicking move. 

For adding Scout and Practice video to an already created game, use the plus sign icon to the right of the Scout Video and Practice video labels. 

For a scout game, fill in the requested information and click submit.

For a practice, fill in the requested information and click submit.

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