How to move a playlist

How to move a playlist

1.) From your My Video page, you will see a Misc Playlist folder at the top of your game schedule:

2.) To view the created playlists, click on Misc Playlists:

3.) Click on the playlist that you would like to move and click the pencil icon, to the left of the trash can:

4.) The Playlist Editor will pop up prompting you to select where you want to move it to (Organize Under):

5.) Select the Game where you would like to move the playlist to:

You need to select a group to share with or you will be the ONLY one able to see the playlist!
6.) Select your group and click submit:
  1. If you do not have any groups created OR need to add a new group, you will need to do so before getting to this step
  2. If you are unsure of how to create a group, please visit How do I create, edit, and delete a group?

You will see a small green box appear in the bottom left corner of your screen 

8.) Final step is to confirm your playlist has been moved to the correct game; click on the game that you moved the playlist to, click on playlist and the playlist title should reflect what was moved:

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