How to share a highlight with family and friends

How to share a highlight with family and friends

Once your highlight is published (not under construction), you can share your highlight a few different ways:
  1. Download this highlight
  2. Email this highlight
  3. Copy a link to this highlight
  4. Share to Facebook
  5. Share to Twitter

To find these options, from your Highlights page, locate the highlight you want to share and click the watch this highlight icon:

Your highlight will appear larger and begin to play, at the bottom left corner you will find 5 icons to match the above referenced ways to share:

Click on the icon for how to want to share with your family and friends!

Download this Highlight
By clicking this icon, your computer will begin downloading the video into an mp4 and show in the bottom left of your computer:

Click open:

Your highlight will play in whatever program you have set as your video player:

Email this Highlight
By clicking this icon, depending on your computer/operating system, you may be prompted to log in to an account to send the link. Once logged in (or if account is synced) a window will pop up with the subject line filled in and body of the email with link to highlight. Enter recipient(s) email address and send:

Copy a Link to this Highlight
By clicking this icon, a small green box will appear for 5 seconds in the bottom left of your screen stating 'Success! Copied to Clipboard' and disappear. You can then paste the link as many times as you'd like to share with family and friends:

Share to Facebook
By clicking this icon, you may be prompted to log in to Facebook first. If you are already logged in to your computer, a pop up window will appear where you can write in a post about your highlight then click post to Facebook as either a post that will show in your newsfeed or share to your story:

Share to Twitter
By clicking this icon, you may be prompted to log in to Twitter. If you are already logged in on your computer, a new window will open with a new tweet and your auto generated link, ready to be tweeted and #QwikCut!

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