My Video Page Icons

My Video Page Icons

Here you will find an explanation of the various icons that you will come across on the My Video page for football.

The first set of icons you will see are as follows:

1.) Download Game- The download buttons allows you to send yourself a download link for that game; after clicking the download button, you will be able to choose which camera angle you would like and if you want to receive the video in clips or merged into a single video. *Links will be active for two months

2.) Move Game- The move game button allows you to select a season game to move to your scout game or practice under, instead of leaving them in the Misc Games folder.

3.) Edit Game Info- After clicking the Edit Game Info button, you will have the option to edit:

  1. game type
  2. date
  3. time
  4. season
  5. opponent
  6. home/away
  7. score
  8. event info
4.) Hide From Athletes- This button allows you to hide the game from your athletes. After clicking on it, the button will turn red, letting you know that the game is hidden.

5.) Additional Game Options- When you click this button, it will pull a small window with these additional options: 

    1. Request Stat Breakdown
    2. Import from Hudle
    3. Edit/Intercut Video
    4. Cancel Came (this will delete the game)
    5. Contact Support

The second set of icons you will see will be under your playlists, scout games and practice games, on your my video

*These icons will function the same as under game video, scout video and practice video*
1.) Download PlaylistThe download button allows you to send yourself a download link for that playlist; after clicking the download button, you will be able to choose a mergex playlist or a zip file. *Links will be active for two months

2.) Edit Playlist- After clicking the Edit Game Info button, you will have the option to edit:
  1. Playlist Title- click this to change the name of the playlist
  2. Select Group- click this to select an additional group to add; the group must already be created under My Team > Manage Groups in order to select a group to add
  3. Add Group- once you have selected the group, you can now click Add Group
  4. Organize Under- click this to move the playlist to a different game, scout game or practice within the season
  5. Remove Group- click this to remove group; if no group is selected, you will be the only person able to view the playlist
3.) Delete Playlist- click this if you want to delete your play list forever, a pop up box will show up in the top center of screen confirming the action

4.) Create New Scout Game or Practice- When you click this button, you will be able to create a new scout game or practice, filed under your season games. You can then upload film directly into the newly created scout game or practice from the Upload icon or Upload Screen. You can toggle between the type of games here (scout or practice) and fill in the remaining information and click submit: 
  1. Type
  2. Home Team
  3. Away Team
  4. Title
  5. Event Info
  6. Date
  7. Time
5.) Import Game from Hudl- When you click this button, you can paste a Hudl download link to import film from Hudl. This newly imported scout or practice game will be filed under the season game that you select. The home team, away team and event info are all free text. Enter all of the required information and click submit. 

  1. Type of Game
  2. Home Team
  3. Away Team
  4. Event Info
  5. Date
  6. Time
  7. Hudl Download URL
IF there is something wrong with the link, a red message will generate under the Hudl Download Link stating 'This is not a valid Hudl download link. Please make sure to read the directions below carefully.' and will not allow you to click submit.

If you are looking for what the icons are on the video screen when the video is playing, please see My Video Player Icons.

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