Player Grading: Step by Step plus Video Tutorials

Player Grading: Step by Step plus Video Tutorials

Watch the Video Tutorial below to see how it works:

Getting started with the Player Grading module - this will be broken down into 3 steps:

Step 1 - Adding players and coaches
Be sure to have your roster and coaches added before modifying the Player Grading Module.

Go to My Team and check that your Team Roster and Team Coaches are loaded in the system:

If you do need to add them, you can upload an excel file of all your athletes and another excel file with all of your coaches: 

If you don’t have an excel file, you can add them manually one at a time by clicking the green Add Players and Coaches and then in the dropdown menu clicking Manual Entry:

For instructions on importing a roster, please visit Can I import player and/or coach rosters into QwikCut?

Once you have added your athletes, you can go in and edit an athlete’s profile. Add jersey numbers, height, weight, and year of graduation, etc., by clicking the Edit Team Members at the top of the page, and clicking Done Editing Team once you are finished: 

Step 2 - Building out Grading Categories, Grading Scales and Play Types
Go to the My Team tab at the top of the page. Next, select the Player Grading tab and the Grading Admin section will appear for editing.

Grading Categories
By default, each team has a table of three (3) grading categories (Grade, Hustle, Technique). Add, edit, or delete categories as you deem necessary. You can change the name of the category, add your own category, and add your own grading scale if you prefer.
*Please note: The Categories and Scales listed will be visible for every play type (Offense, Defense, Kickoff, Punt, Punt Return, etc)

Helpful Hint – Narrow your Grading Categories to cover all play types. If you utilize three (3) or more Grading Categories, they will all appear for each Play Type. Coaches on Offense or Defense may elect not to use a grading category even if it appears in the player grading box. For example, the defense may not use all the grading categories that the offense uses. Even though they will appear in the box to grade, coaches can simply leave that grading category blank.

Play Types/Packages/String
Head Coaches may want to make their OC and DC “Team Admins” so they can set up their Offensive & Defensive Packages. Click through the different play types and determine if you want to grade players on every play type or just certain ones.

Create New Package
First, Select the Play Type. (Offense, Defense, Kickoff, Punt, etc…)

Second, Click New Package+ to name your first Package. (21, Cobalt, Nickel, etc…)

Third, Click Add New String+. (First String, Second String, etc…)

Once you have created the name of the package, select the package in the drop down menu and you will see a box with a green plus sign. Click on the + to create the position.

Use abbreviations to identify the different positions (QB for quarterback, RB for Running back, etc.). Keeping clicking the green + sign till you have created all 11 positions for that play type. Position names must be unique.

Repeat this process for every play type that you want to grade. You can also create a second string, a third String, etc. so that your coaches and players can see the depth chart for each play type and each position.
Helpful Hint – Keep athlete boxes grouped together by position or line of scrimmage placement.

Step 3 - Assign Starters and Coaches
Helpful Hint - make your offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator “Team Admins” so they can edit the starters all season. Only Team Admins can add starters and coaches for player grading.

There are two drop down menus for each position created.  The top box(position) is connected to the roster.  Click the down arrow in the top box and you will see your entire roster.  Find the athlete that is in this lineup for that position.  Do this for every position. 
  1. Once you have named the starters for every position, create a second string, third string, etc. so that you will have depth charts for your athletes to see.

The bottom box assigns coaches (those that have access to grade a player).  Select the coaches for each position that will grade a player and click the green box with white plus sign, with a yellow boarder to add that coach. To add an additional coach, repeat this same process:
  1.  Multiple coaches can also be assigned to the same position/player. The OC and head coach are commonly on all the offensive packages and strings.  Your offensive line coach should be on the offensive line positions, QB and RB should have that position coach and the receivers coach should have the receivers, repeat the process for defense and special teams.
  2. You can add any or all coaches to any of the positions, this is typically based on the size of your coaching staff.

Note: when a coach is assigned to a position, it will appear when he clicks Player Grading from the main video play screen.  If a coach does not have access or see any positions for that play, this means he/she hasn’t been assigned any positions in the player grading module.
Player Grading is directly connected to ODK. If you do not ODK the game, the Player Grading module will not be available for play clips.

Planning and Usage Suggestions:

If you have a small coaching staff, you may want to assign every coach to every play type and every position.  This allows every coach to add player comments or and coaches comments.

All coaches notes are automatically by default blocked from the players.  This is a communication link between coaches.  If a coach wants to make his message public to the team, he needs to unblock it.  The entire team has access to coaches notes.  Coaches can’t unblock other coaches’ comments.  They can only unblock their own comments.


Always be careful with your comments.  Instruct your coaching staff to be constructive with their comments.  It’s always possible for an athlete to take a screen shot of the comments.

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