Season Stats (football)

Season Stats (football)

Season Stats will be located under your My Team tab.

With season stats, you can show averages, export stats, view stat data on a scale of all games or individual games, by offensive/defensive/special teams.
Currently, you cannot modify what data will appear under Season Stats.

The information that will be displayed for Offensive will be listed by Player/Jersey number:
  1. Games
  2. Pass Comps
  3. Pass Attempts
  4. Pass Yards
  5. Pass TD's
  6. Intercepts Thrown
  7. Run Attempts
  8. Running Yards
  9. Yards Per Carry
  10. Run TDs
  11. Catches
  12. Targets
  13. Passes Dropped
  14. Rec Yards
  15. Yards Per Catch
  16. Rec TDs
  17. Fumbles Lost
  18. Pancakes

The information that will be displayed for Defensive/Special Teams will be listed by Player/Jersey number:
  1. Interceptions
  2. Fumbles Recovered
  3. Tackles
  4. Tackle Assist
  5. T Tackles
  6. TFLs
  7. Sacks
  8. Passes Defended
  9. Blocked Punts
  10. Blocked Field Goals
  11. Punts Rets
  12. Punt Ret Yards
  13. Kicks Rets
  14. Kick Ret Yards
  15. Punts
  16. Punt Yards
  17. FG Attempts
  18. FG Made
  19. PAT Attempts
  20. PAT Made

By clicking 'Show Averages', all of the information will show in a percentage, if not already, and this can be done for individual games or all games.

By clicking 'Export Stats', an excel document will be generated and downloaded to your computer. To open, click the item that is downloaded in the bottom left of your computer or locate it in your downloads folder.

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