Stat Breakdown

Stat Breakdown

With a simple click, the games you need will be placed in our que for breakdown. Depending on the sport, we offer two types of break down, basic breakdown which is a 24 hour turnaround time and advanced breakdown which is a 12 hour turnaround time. We'll breakdown the film and you'll receive an email notification when you breakdown is ready in the platform.

To learn more about the cost, turnaround time and what stats are tracked, please click on the sport below. 
  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Soccer
  4. Volleyball
  5. Lacrosse
  6. Rugby (coming soon)
  7. Baseball (coming soon)
  8. Softball (coming soon)
  9. Hockey
  10. Tennis (coming soon)
  11. Track (coming soon)
There are 3 icons you will want to become familiar with when it comes to Stat Breakdown; Request Stat Breakdown and Provide Stat Breakdown Feedback.

1.) Additional Game Info- *for the football platform* on the My Video page, once you are selected on a game (the circle to the left of the game is white), the gear icon is how you will request Stat Breakdown. Once you click this icon, a drop down menu will appear below. CLICK REQUEST STAT BREAKDOWN then select the type of breakdown you would like. You have the option to free text notes to the statistician. Once you have selected the type (advanced or basic), click submit.


2.) Request Stat Breakdown- *for all other sports* on the My Video page, once you are selected on a game (the circle to the left of the game is white), the 3 bar icon is how you will request Stat Breakdown. Once you click this icon, a box will pop up requiring you to confirm the match up (teams) and game data. If either of those are incorrect, you will need to press cancel and select the correct game from your my video page. You will be required to fill in the following:
  1. Your teams jersey color
  2. Your opponent jersey color
  3. Quarters or halves (click one or the other)
  4. Quarter/Half length (in minutes)
  5. Optional- Final score 
  6. Optional- Starting lineup and additional notes
Once you have all of the information filled in, click submit.
If you have purchased a stat breakdown package, there will be a section at the bottom that states your remaining breakdowns:

3.) Provide Stat Breakdown Feedback- once the game has been stat'd, you are able to provide free text stat breakdown accuracy feedback to our statisticians, as well as rate up to 5 stars. Once you have rated and entered your comments, click submit. While this is not required, we appreciate all feedback. 

Reasons your breakdown request has been rejected:
  1. Your video is out of order; i.e. video starts in the middle of the game and the video is not in sequential order.
  2. Your video is only partially submitted (the entire game is not uploaded); i.e. only the first quarter is submitted or only the first half is uploaded without an explanatory note from the coach.
  3. Your video is low quality where the ball, court, players or field is unrecognizable.
  4. Your video is not at the correct angle; i.e. upside down, sideways, etc.
  5. Your video has sub-par camera angle where the action cannot be seen clearly.
  6. Your video contains multiple games without an explanatory note from the coach on which games needs a stat breakdown.
  7. Your video (football) contains duplicated or repeated clips where the flow of the game cannot be followed.
  8. The score in the video does not match the entered score upon request.

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