Uploading a Game or Video from Sports Scope’s - The Edge Replay System - (using an iPad)

Uploading a Game or Video from Sports Scope’s - The Edge Replay System - (using an iPad)


Once connected to a High-Speed WiFi connection, open up or click on the Sports Scope icon

  1. Open up the left panel and choose games.
  2. Select the game and click the share button.  Share that game to your iPad in the drop-down menu to the folder called Games,
  3. Open up your mobile App – Qwikcut Access
  4. Find your game and click on the 3 dots to the far right of the game, choose Upload Video
  5. Choose which camera angle you are going to upload, Then, click Select Files
  6. There will be a pop-up box, click My Files
  7. Find the games folder, your game that you just moved over and open the folder
  8. Once you see all of the files of your game, click SELECT at the top right, then click SELECT ALL at the top left.
  9. Once they are all selected, click open.  All of the files for the game will load into the mobile app.
  10. Click Start upload - Wait for all clips to upload, complete!

See attachment for details and screenshots of the instructions above.
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