Video Best Practices - Basketball

Video Best Practices - Basketball

In order to maximize your stat breakdown experience, there are a few “video best practices” to implement for your program. It is important to (a) upload a complete game, (b) have a clear recording of the court and player’s jersey numbers, and (c) upload in the highest video quality possible as this will increase the accuracy of stats and prevent the video from being rejected.

  1. Have your camera located at center court in an elevated position. The camera can be placed on the bleachers and/or in the stands, but make sure it’s close enough so that player jersey numbers are recognizable.
  2. Keep your camera close to the action in order to get a clear view of the player’s jersey numbers. If the camera is too far away, some jersey numbers will be unrecognizable.
  3. Make sure the video is in focus during the recording.
  4. Capture the half-court set for each team.
  5. Follow the action at all times (follow the ball), as this will allow statisticians to accurately determine what happens during the possession.
  6. Get a shot of the scoreboard as much as possible. This can be done during breaks in the action (timeouts, end of quarter/half, etc.). It is especially important to get a shot of the scoreboard at the end of each quarter and/or at halftime.
  7. Record the scorers table during player substitutions. Recording the incoming and outgoing players will ensure that a statistician can identify player changes on the court.
  8. Show the referee/official after a foul is called. The statistician will be able to identify what player the foul was called on.

Two of the most important aspects are recording the scoreboard and substitutions. This allows us to follow the game and provide a more accurate breakdown of individual stats.
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