Video Tutorial - Filming and Uploading for Basketball (and other continuous sports) Using the QwikCut Access App

Video Tutorial - Filming and Uploading for Basketball (and other continuous sports) Using the QwikCut Access App

  1. Open the QwikCut Access app, login, & select the team/season you're wanting to record for (click the menu button in the upper left corner after logging in if it is not already on the correct season)
  2. Click the game on your schedule you wish to record (I would input my entire schedule ahead of time), click the 3 dots to the right of where it says Game Video, & click Game Capture
  3. The angle should already be selected for Wide but if it isn't just select Wide. Click whether or not you want to upload immediately. If you are connected to WiFi, make sure this box is checked & your game will be in the cloud before you ever leave the court. If you don't have internet access, I recommend unchecking the box & just uploading everything once you get connected to a stable internet connection.
  4. Ignore the fact that I had my phone turned the wrong way in the beginning. That's why the actual filming demonstration is not turned the correct way. The green circle is the button to click to start recording. Once the red square appears (stop button) that means you are recording.
  5. Especially for basketball, we recommend clicking stop (red square button) immediately followed by the record button (green circle button) every time the referee blows his whistle to call a foul, make a play dead because a ball went out of bounds, etc. You will see on the video every time I do this a new clip is started & the previous one begins to upload. If you're using My Fans, that's when video will start being made available to those that subscribed.
  6. Once the game is over, you click the white X & it will take you to the clip uploading screen. When you're finished uploading simply click Done. If you choose not to upload immediately & don't have internet access, it will give you a message letting you know your clips have not been uploaded yet. Make sure you follow those directions exactly so your film is not deleted. I'm thinking the two options are "delete" or "exit". Obviously you'll want to simply exit & upload at a later time.
  7. You'll notice after I refresh my screen, the game I was recording turned bold. That means the video is compressing & will be available soon. If you click it immediately after you finish uploading, you'll see exactly what you see in my video (only the first clip). It takes some time for the video clips to compress into one clip for viewing in your library. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MY FANS. Those subscribers will get to see everything clip by clip as it uploads.

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