FOOTBALL - How do I share plays/playbook? 2.0

FOOTBALL - How do I share plays/playbook? 2.0


Once you have created a play or multiple plays, you can now share with your team and/or coaches:

1.) You can either click 'Select All' all the way to the right or you can click on the bottom left corner of specific plays where you see a circle. Once the play/play(s) have been selected, a yellow boarder will appear around that play(s):

2.) Confirm the plays, then click the 'Share With Athletes' button:

3.) A box will appear prompting you to share with either a group or a specific user:

4.) Once you have selected the group and/or users to share with, click CONFIRM:

If you do not have any groups created, please visit How do I create, edit, or delete a group?

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